Monday, 27 June 2011

Road trip!

Good evening ladies! Sorry for the lack of bloggage as of late, but we've been super busy with new job prospects, travel, and an amazing secret we can't wait to share with our local vintage lovers!

Melissa's currently boarding a plane to Paris for 5 days to celebrate her 21st (lucky so and so!), so it's just me at Amour HQ this week! Nevertheless, I recently took an impromptu trip across to Leeds last Thursday, with Marie, a good friend of Melissa's and myself. The trip was full of weather changes, laughs, good food and shopping.

As always, I started the day with a trusty coffee and a muffin, the Amour girls aren't worth talking to before we've had our fix! Marie and I then hit the highstreet to see what we could find.

I was most excited about finding vintage and charity stores to rummage around, but alas, I found NONE! Could any ladies fill me in on where they are?

I then drooled at the windows of Mulberry, Vivienne Westwood, and Louis Vuitton. I was like a child, nose pressed against the glass, peering inside at the sheer luxury on display.

I then remembered my love of vintage, one of a kind, a LOT more purse friendly, and fabulous quality with a real story behind it!

So girls, what's your favourite fashion fix? Vintage, high street, or designer?


Laura Amour Xo

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