Wednesday, 1 June 2011

What's new at Amour HQ?

Good afternoon everyone!

Here's another update of what we've uncovered for you this week! The focus is still very much on the midi skirt, as it is practical, sophisticated, and so chic! Paired with candy colours and cute prints and pleats, our finds are just too gorgeously lust-have, we are finding trouble listing them for sale!

So here's a run down, and don't forget, anything you see here will be available at our eBay store within days, so don't forget to keep checking ladies!

Candy Couture: This gorgeous little skirt was an instant must have for us! Pleats, cutesy pink colour and buttons running down the side made it a perfect combination. Team with wedges to elongate the legs, and cute vests and prints to modernise the look.

Embroidered Elegance: Now this shirt is such a style steal! Long enough to wear as a dress (for the girls who aren't afraid!) or belt as a top with leather or denim short; the embroidered collar and pearl buttons are irresistable!

Printed Princess:

Who said houndstooth went out of fashion? This really brings sexy back to the print once regarded as out-of-date and only at home on an unflattering, oversized suit jacket with huge shoulder pads. Another pleated beauty, try clashing prints or keep it simple with a simple cropped tee and vintage jewellery.

Remember ladies, these are all available to buy! Check out our eBay store today!

Have a great day everyone,


Laura Amour x


  1. Really lovely things you picked up here! My favourite is that pleated skirt - that colour is gorgeous for this season.

    x Michelle |

  2. Thanks Michelle! I love it too :-)


    Laura Amour x