Monday, 13 June 2011

The perfect clubbing outfit

Good afternoon all! So far I have spent my day shopping for the perfect presents for one of my best friend's 22nd birthday, and stopping off for a good old latte to warm me up on a somewhat cold Monday in June :-(.

After a peek around the highstreet, and vintage stores for something for myself for her birthday celebrations tonight, it got me thinking: What is the perfect clubbing outfit? I'm normally a dress and heels kinda girl, because I feel underdressed if I don't go all out. Melissa on the other hand (my partner in crime for Amour Vintage) goes clubbing in flats, and ribbed tights or socks and rocks it. Why can't I?

So, I'm thinking of doing a dressed down/dressed up look, a la Lauren Conrad, mixing vintage with highstreet for a cute look on a budget.

For those interested, here's how you can get the look on the highstreet:

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Laura Amour xo

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