Monday, 11 July 2011

Graduation, 5 star spas and fashion shows!

Good afternoon everyone, thought I'd write a quick post as to what we've been up to this past week...

It's been all go for me (Laura), as I completed work experience at a North East magazine. I was so nervous on that Monday morning, and hoped I'd get thrown in at the deep end. Well I was right! Within 20 minutes of arriving at the office, I was making phone calls, putting together stories and features.

Then came the major perks! I was sipping diet coke on a roof terrace on day 1 (interviewing a bar owner), a 5 STAR SPA ON DAY 2! Called Rockcliffe Hall, all I can say was Oh my God, I thought I'd died and went to heaven. We had work to do first, interviewing staff about upcoming events and offers, then I was allowed to completely CHILL. This was exactly what I needed, considering I hadn't even had time to celebrate completing my degree at Uni before being thrust into the workplace.

I also got to interview a very interesting lifestyle coach; so many things he said I could relate to my own life! In between these perks was absolute bedlam. The editor had to close two issues of the magazine, as well as contribute to local newspapers, and I was there to help. So busy, but so enjoyable! I'm hoping to go back sometime soon, as I had started to build relationships and could really see myself working there.

Not too sure what Melissa's been up to, she's been floating back down to Earth, squeezing in some shifts at work after her amazing week in Paris.

In other news, Melissa and I are about to graduate! We both achieved a 2:1 degree, yay for us! Our ceremony is this Thursday, so we'll be sure to post a few pictures of us in our Harry Potter gown getups, oh how will we accessorise this?!

We're also getting to work on our fashion show! At Bar 1 in Sunderland, we're showcasing a collection of customised pieces available for sale that night! Local fans, let us know if there's anything you'd like to see! Prices are purse friendly, so grab a vintage customised bargain whilst sipping on a cocktail!

Off to work now :-(, hope everyone's having a good start to the week.


Laura Amour xo

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