Thursday, 4 August 2011

Buh Bye Summer...

Back at Amour HQ, we are finally getting back into the swing of things after our amazing fashion show :-)!

We are now selling all our summer garments in preparation for Autumn/Winter. We can't wait to start our vintage hunt; I'm hoping for lots of furs, velvet, luxurious lace and beautiful English tweed.

As much as I love Summer, I can't wait to whack out my stunning Vintage leopard fur! So there's lots for you lovelies to look forward to!

I've spent the day taking pictures of our beautiful garments; it's going to break my heart to let some of them go! Laura's off camping, sunning herself, swimming in the beautiful lakes and making Nando's over a Barbecue... just a little bit jealous!

Anyway! Please check out the last of our Spring/Summer collection at our eBay store, as well as the first of our Autumn/Winter pieces!

Peace out, Melissa Amour xo

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